Taberna Flamenca Pepe López, Tablao Málaga

Tablao Taberna Flamenca Pepe López

About Taberna Flamenca Pepe López

Taberna Flamenca Pepe López

Type: Tablao

Capacity: people

Address:Plaza de La Gamba Alegre

Postal code: 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga


Phone: +34 952 38 12 84

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This Tablao is located very close to Torremolinos Beach, between the Costa del Sol Square and San Miguel Street. It is very easy to find because everyone knows it: it is the oldest active Tablao in Malaga. It was officially opened in 1965 under the name Tablao “El Jaleo” and through its doors have passed renowned artists such as Manolete, Mario Maya, Manuela Carrasco, Camarón de la Isla, Paco de Lucía, Antonio Canales, Joaquín Fajardo and “la Mariquilla”, among many other great artists.

Maria Guardia “Mariquilla” managed this “tablao” for more than two decades and the locale served as a trampoline for her and other great contemporary artists, all renowned figures in Flamenco. She can be considered Master of Masters because as well as being Chair of the Flamenco University of Flamenco Dance for a brief but intense period of time, her own dance academy has trained international artists such as Eva Yerbabuena, Fuensanta La Moneta, or her own daughter the artist Tatiana Garrido, renowned flamenco dancer who continues the legacy of her mother’s dance academy and Art. The current promoter of Taberna Pepe Lopez, Roque Lopez, continues to maintain the high artistic quality level and authenticity of the “tablao”, with a spectacular and colorful show in an ambience that reflects the typical Andalusian “tablao”.

The greatest singularity of this “tablao” is its antiquity because although Malaga is one of the cradles of Flamenco, it does not have a large number of “tablaos” suitable to its history and tradition, which makes the Pepe Lopez Tavern a reference of classic “tablao” in Malaga.

The Pepe Lopez Tavern combines to perfection the different disciplines of traditional Spanish music, many of which have notably influenced the crystallization of Flamenco. That is why this performance is practically a review of the history of Flamenco. To this is added an elegant selection of costumes which are carefully looked after by trade dressmakers specialized in this type of costuming.

The Flamenco troupe is composed by ten artists: two guitar players, two singers, two male dancers, and four female dancers, among them Jose Fajardo who provides an ample review of Spanish and Flamenco dance styles: “Alegrías”, “Bolero” (“Ravel”), “Garrotín”, “Jota”, “Soleá”, “Tientos”, “Sevillanas”, “Bulerías”, “España” (“Chabrier”), “Vida Breve” (Manuel de Falla), “Tangos”, etc.

Locale Description

The seats are facing the stage and stage side (182 typical Andalusian style), and the rest are cocktail tables. Seats ARE NOT numbered. Accommodation order is: reservations will be seated first, then by order of arrival. We recommend guests arrive 20 minutes before the performance. The lighting is carefully designed and the stage is excellently lit. The stage and stage props are carefully designed, and the hall sound system is excellent.