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Juan Andrés Maya


Name: Juan Andrés Heredia Maya

Type: Dancer

Place of birth: Granada

JUAN ANDRÉS MAYA, flamenco dancer. Juan Andrés Maya was born on January 6,1972 in the heart of the Sacromonte gypsy quarter.

With his family's artistic background, it is not surprising that he started dancing at the age of three in the Cueva de la Rocío, owned by his parents, where he became the main attraction for visitors to this popular local Granada.

Juan Andrés Maya could not belong to any other family than the Flemish dynasty of the Maya. Strength, art, courage, joy and dance with their own style that is shown in each and every one of their movements on stage. 

The dance for "Soleá" is the identity sign of this dancer and ambassador of flamenco dance of the 21st century. He has worked in many corners of the globe and was privileged to dance for the first American lady, Michelle Obama.

At the age of fourteen, Maya went to Cairo with Harapo's company. Since then I continue to perform in different shows. First in the Neptune room of Granada, later next to the "Chunga" in the café of "Chinitas" in Madrid and his tour around Spain within the Cultural Weeks of the Ministry of Culture. 

At the age of 17 he choreographed his first piece "Pasión", whose great success in Granada led him to perform in several theatres of the Community of Madrid. In 1992, during the celebration of the Universal Exhibition in Seville, he collaborated in a show with Miguel Bosé called "Young Values of the 20th Century".

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