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Flamenco Nau

In Flamenco Nau we create and select flaevents and activities to provide the authentic flamenco experience.

We select artists and locations where we can enjoy a genuine flamenco day in our land. Andalusia has a wide range of locations with this special charm, which, due to its historical characteristics, morphology and other special features of cultural interest, bring a special attraction to the event that takes place in them.

We have available these spaces all over Andalusia (Jerez, Córdoba, Málaga, Sevilla or Granada) and we add some typical activity of the area exclusively organized for the group, or some gastronomic workshop complement Them an authentic immersion in the Andalusian culture to complete the'Living Flamenco' experience.

We can therefore offer our guests unique experiences, sum of quality flamenco shows, special activities and unique spaces that create an ideal environment for the enjoyment of these experiences and, with all these elements, guarantee their satisfaction.

Our team

Toni Rivera - Director de Flamenco Nau

Toni Rivera

Flamenco Nau director

Nacho Hertogs - Marketing y Comunicación

Nacho Hertogs

Marketing and communication

Tirso Maldonado - Evangelist Manager

Tirso Maldonado

Evangelist Manager