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Name: Vicente Amigo Girol

Type: Guitar player

Place of birth: Sevilla

VICENTE AMIGO GIROL, guitarist. Born in Guadalcanal in Sevilla Born and raised in Córdoba. He is one of the great masters of the flamenco guitar, to which he has given a special sensitivity that converts his touch, both intimate and rhythmic, perhaps because double influence Which it received in its origins.

Vocal artist since he was very young (at 8 years gave him his first guitar) began in Flamenco working with artists such as Juan Muñoz ("El Tomate"), "Merengue de Córdoba" or Manolo Sanlúcar. He collaborated on the album by Camarón "Soy Gitano", of 1989. Composed and interpreted to the guitar the disc of Jose Mercé "Del Amanecer", that supposed the first great popular success of this "cantaor" from Jerez.

In 1988 he decided to start his solo career, presenting himself to the "Festival Nacional del Cante de las Minas de la Unión", obtaining the "Bordón Minero", first prize of the guitar competition. Afterwards, he won "The International Competition of Extremadura". His consecration as the first figure of the flamenco guitar was obtained in May 1989 by unanimously winning the "Premio Ramón Montoya" for concert guitar at the "XII Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco de Córdoba".

From there everything is surprising progression and recognition inside and outside the country, inside and outside of flamenco. From his first album, "De mi corazón al aire", in 1991 (recognized with the prizes "Icaro" (Diario 16) and "El Ojo Crítico" (RNE), until the next two, "Vivencias imaginadas" (1995) and "Poeta" (1997) , The awards have been made, as well as offers to share stage and poster with musicians such as John Mc Laughlin, David Bowie, Stanley Jordan, Al Di Meola, Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, Milton Nascimento, Joao Bosco, Phil Manzanera, Paco de Lucia, Camarón de la Isla, among many others. In 1991 he will share with Paco de Lucía the representation of flamenco in the stellar international festival "Leyendas de la Guitarra".

In this direction he has shared scenarios with Stanley Jordan, in the Carrefour de la Guitare in Martinique; With João Bosco, in Córdoba; With Wagner Tiso and Milton Nascimento at the "Heineken Concerts" in Rio de Janeiro in 1993 and at the "Amiens Festival" with John McLaughlin. In 1993 he shared the stage with Paco de Lucía, Al Di Meola and John Mclaughlin in the Bullring in Lisbon, at the memorable "Mestres Da Guitarra" concert. And begins an international career that leads him to collaborate with the most prestigious figures in the world of music.

With his solo works he has obtained several awards, such as the "Flamenco Award" for "Music Awards" or a "Gramy Award" in 2001 for "Ciudad de las Ideas".

Among the discography of Amigo is "De mi corazón al aire" (1991); "Vivencias imaginadas"(1995); "Poeta" (with the Orchestra of Cordoba and orchestration by Leo Brouwer, originally called: "Flamenco Concert for a sailor on the ground" inspired by the work of Rafael Alberti), "Ciudad de las ideas" (2000), "Un momento en el sonido" (2005) and "Paseo de Gracia (2009), which collaborates with some of the most important artists of the current music scene, such as Alejandro Sanz, Enrique and Estrella Morente and Niña Pastori, in addition to their usual collaborators: Tino di Geraldo, Paquito González, Antonio Ramos "Maca" or Alexis Lefêvre.

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