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Type: Guitar player

Place of birth: Almería


JOSÉ FERNÁNDEZ TORRES, "TOMATITO", guitarist. He was born in 1958, in Almería. Belonging to a family of artists such as his father, also called Tomate, his grandfather, Miguel Tomate, and the legendary guitarist "Niño Miguel", moves with only twelve years to Málaga, where he begins his musical career acting in tablaos like "Taberna Gitana", Where he met "Camarón de la Isla".

He begins to acquire little by little fame and prestige, accompanying from very young to cantaores like Enrique Morente, Susi, Jose Menese, Pansequito, and undoubtedly, the most remarkable thing in his race, is the accompaniment to Jose Monge Cruz "Camarón de la Isla" during the last 18 years of his life, in which he recorded some records such as "La leyenda del tiempo" being the first of them, and in "Como el Agua", where he also shares the guitar playing for the first time with Paco de Lucía.

He has always been linked to the private club of Flamenco "Peña Flamenca El Taranto" of Almería, that also granted him the award "Taranto de Oro" in 1985 and the "Lucas Lopez" Prize in 1988.

After the death of Camarón, Tomatito began a career as a concert guitarist from his participation in the I Festival Flamenco in Madrid in 1993, performing at the Auditorio Nacional de Música de Madrid, Palau de la Música Catalana de Barcelona, Palau de la Music of Valencia, Palace of Congresses of Granada, University Complutense and Festival of the Guitar of Cordoba, among others, being its first recording like soloist "Roses of Love" in 1987.

He has participated in numerous Flamenco Festivals and different musical events in Spain, mainly as a soloist, and abroad, at the Istanbul International Music Festival, the 6th International Guitar Festival in Lyon, as well as several tours in Japan, Switzerland, France and Germany.

In 1997 he received the Silver Medal of Andalusia and made his first composition for Theater, the work "Mother Horse" by Antonio Onetti, produced by CAT and directed by Emilio Hernández.

In 2000 he published a CD with Michael Camilo entitled "Spain", with which he won the Latin Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Record, as well as another for the best flamenco record for his accompaniment to Camarón de la Isla in Paris 1987.

In 2003 he composed the music for Romeo and Juliet, by director Emilio Hernández, from the Centro Andaluz de Teatro and was the first flamenco guitar soloist to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

He has also received the Max Prize for the Performing Arts as Best Musical Director for his composition for "Romeo X Julieta".

In 2006 he recorded in New York, along with Michel Camilo, the disc Spain Again.

In 2008 he presented "Sonanta Suite" at the Tokyo National Theater and the Hong Kong International Festival, and two years later it was published with the National Orchestra of Spain directed by Mº. Josep Pons and under the stamp Deutsche Grammophon.

In 2010 he received the National Guitar Award, from the Chair of Flamencology in Jerez, in recognition of his career.

In 2012 he directed a tribute to Camarón de la Isla at the Seville Flamenco Biennial on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the cantaor's disappearance.

Finally, in 2013 was awarded by the Community of Madrid, with the Medal of Culture, in its Music modality.

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