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Tablao Villa Rosa

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Villa Rosa

Type: Tablao

Capacity: people

Address:Plaza de Santa Ana, 15

Postal code: 28012 Madrid


Phone: +34 915 21 36 89

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This “tablao” is an artwork, and a symbol of Madrid's architecture of that period. It was founded in 1911 as Andalusian chip shop. It was in 1919 when the building was renovated and decorated its interior with an elegant ceiling, typical of the Alhambra’s Nasrid art. In 1927 the frontage also was remodelled by the Seville painter and potter Alfonso Romero Mesa, with decorations and ceramics of different emblematic places, as much Madrid as Andalusia.

The fame of this “tablao” comes from the teacher Antonio Chacón, who was a man with an exquisite education, his voice and technique contributed in the Flamenco, improving the interpretation of some of the best Flamenco “palos” (styles).

Chacón had a bad relationship with the owner of the “tablao” Los Gabrieles where he usually sang. In an astute strategic, Tomas Pajares, owner of the “tablao” Villa Rosa in that moment, offered to Chacón an important contract for him and his guitar, the Madrilenian Ramón Montoya.

This was a huge improvement for Tomás’s “tablaos”, because the teacher Chacón moved to Villa Rosa with all his followers, among which were many aristocrats, celebrities, and even kings. At the same time, consecrated and young artists concentrated there. They were looking forward to find a sponsorship from some "señorito" (patron) who launched his career or hired him for a private event, because at that time, Flamenco still had a dark image between public opinion.

From the death of the teacher Antonio Chacón in 1929 until 1963 the “tablao” Villa Rosa continued being the center of the Flamenco in Madrid. Artists such as Niña de los Peines, Manuel Torre, Fernanda de Utrera, Lola Flores, Imperio Argentina, Juanito Valderrama, Antonio Mairena, Pepe Marchena, among other, great artists, who have made history in Flamenco, performed there.

From 1963 until now, the “tablao” has had more or less brilliant periods, but always it had been linked to the capital of Flamenco and trends of the moment. Villa Rosa has recovered its splendour in 2011 thanks to the owner of the company, Mr. Jesús Rodríguez Cerezal. Currently, it offers a good Spanish gastronomy and very high quality shows every day, with artists with recognized national and international prestige.

Nowadays, under the artistic direction of the Flamenco dancer and choreographer Jonatan Miró , “Tablao de Villa Rosa” has a different schedule every day, with around 40 artists. They show in every recital the respect, seriousness and delivery that can be expected of biggest artist in the current Flamenco panorama.

They combine young talents with established artists who give to the public the maximum in every spectacle; the tradition and spirit of the "Flamenco opera" of the best times of the Villa Rosa. They are composed by 5 artists troupe with sing, guitar playing and dance, which usually change the number of artists and its format, depending on the day and the season. The quality of the show, the delivery of the artists and their brilliant interpretation of the “palos” never are reduced.

Its big stage, at half height and well illumination provides an excellent visibility from any seat. The impressive decoration offers a unique atmosphere, which transports the viewer to other times and involve spectators in sensations during the show.

In the last reform and redecoration of the premises, 1929, the renowned potter D. Antonio Ruiz de Luna participated, who is also the author of ceramics which indicate the names of the streets of the historical center of Madrid.



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