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Tablao Tablao Las Tablas

About Tablao Las Tablas

Tablao Las Tablas

Type: Tablao

Capacity: people

Address:Plaza de España, 9

Postal code: 28008 Madrid


Phone: +34 915 42 05 20

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Las Tablas was founded over 10 years ago. This “tablao” Flamenco of Madrid aims to offer a new stage to Madrid city different to the traditional “tablao”. The main artistic language of Las Tablas is the experimentation of styles by young talents.

Its owners, Antonia Moya and Marisol Navarro, artists of recognized trajectory, bet on the new trends and preferences of the viewer, but always from the respect for authentic and quality Flamenco. This is evident in its usual programme, with dancers like Carlos Carbonell, Ana Salazar, Jesús Fernández, José Jurado and Isabel Rodríguez, and who also show great complicity with guitarists Juan José Ramos and José Almarcha, and with singers Rafael Jiménez 'El Falo' and Eva Durán. Invited artists highlight as Canela de San Roque and José Menese. This fact is frequently emphasized by its visitors, locals and foreigners, fond or not.

Las Tablas’s usual programme tours the different “palos”(styles) that artists better dominate and more like the viewer. Besides, they have the itinerant programme with some of the most relevant Flamenco figures of the current panorama. The recognition and reputation of Las Tablas as a new stage in Madrid comes from its owners' effort to bring the best artists, interesting activities such as sing, guitar playing and dance, workshops and photography exhibitions.

The locale has a sober decoration, incense, candles and a careful technical lighting, which create the perfect atmosphere to a close, intimate, natural and spontaneous show; very similar to the bohemian jazz clubs. The stage, perfectly located and slightly raised on a podium, is decorated and illuminated in the style of the theaters, to concentrate all the attention of the public. They expose in its walls painting or photography. They are young artists with a modern vision of Flamenco art.

They are usually composed by 5 artists troupe, and invited artists are added each week. Thanks to the humility of their proposal and their owners are artists, too, the Las Tablas show is a safe choice for the rigor and quality of the show. The dance solos are really good.

They have too included a new idea of programme with young singers, new talents, who sing alternating Friday at midnight performing high level recitals.

They have an intense cultural activity. In addition to the usual training workshops, there are exhibitions of photography and painting that modify the decoration of the locale constantly.



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