Tablao Las Carboneras

Flamenco show in Tablao Las Carboneras

Tablao Las Carboneras

Plaza del Conde de Miranda, 128005 Madrid Madrid+34 915 42 86 77

About this event:

Duration: 60 min

Last day: 31-12-2017

Events per night: 2 (20:30 / 22:30 / 23:00)

Price of the ticket: 36€

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Founded in 2000, was born with the idea of recovering the old "coffee singer bar". Those selected spaces when the Flamenco still did not have the recognition of the great public. Then the amateur enjoyed the talent of the best flamenco artists of the moment and young promises, in an intimate, bohemian, almost clandestine atmosphere.

The “tablao” Flamenco of Madrid: Las Carboneras conserves this idea in its programme. From tradition and respect to Flamenco, but in a modern and avant-garde atmosphere, they offer their elegant stage to consecrated artists (who are perfectly integrated with the dance troupe and have great solidity); and also offer to young creators with talent opportunities through contests.

Manuela Vega, Tacha and Ana Romero are founders of Las Carboneras and proffesional dancers, thanks to their experience in scenic spaces and their research in other areas of dance. They have created a new proposal of “tablao” Flamenco. They have created their style, promoting a renewed trend of this art in Madrid. As a result Las Carboneras is accredited by all artists, locals and fpreogmer visitors, and Flamenco fans.

The locale has an elegant decoration and a sophisticated atmosphere, with a careful lighting and a stage where artist demonstrate their skills. Its walls are full of paintings, sketches and photographs of consecrated Spanish artists, but also international, all recognized by the amateur.

They are usually composed by 8 artists troupe in scene: two guitarists, two male singers and three dancers. In addition to, they invite artists every fortnight; some of the most renowned artists in the current Flamenco scene, such as Pastora Galván, Jorge Pardo, Rocío Molina, Montse Cortés, Belén Maya, Manuel Liñán, Alfonso Losa, Marco Flores, Olga Pericet, among others. An artistic curriculum that confirms the bet of Las Carboneras for the pure talent.

In its bet to renewal and research, Las Carboneras launched its I Flamenco Dance competition, for promoting new values. Since 2011, last main awards are Moses Navarro, Cristina Hall, Gema Moneo, Triana Maciel and Florence O'Ryan.

They combine effectively the show with quality Spanish gastronomy. A wide range of menu options are available, with a full service and very attentive.

They have periodic exhibitions of prestigious plastic artists such as José Maldonado, Candy Román, Ari Alexis Patacuás, Juan Herrera, Shin Yamasawa, Diego Agudo Pinilla, Isabel Fischer and Ana Palma.

Description of prices

• 50% tickets children (from 13 to 18 years old. Children under 12 free)

• € 36 performance + beverages

• € 67.50 performance + XV anniversary menu *

• € 69.50 performance + Carboneras menu **

• € 74.50 performance + Flamenco menu ***

Monday to Thursday (22:30) at this time you can not have dinner

Friday and Saturday (23:00) at this time you can not have dinner

All prices inclusive taxes.

* XV anniversary menu include:

  • Marinated Spanish olives (olive oil sauce with a touch of garlic & parsley).

Starters to share:

  • Spanish omelette
  • Selection of homemade croquettes: National “Torta del Casar” cheese / Pork ham.
  • Selection of iberian delicatessen cold cuts and cheese.
  • Tuna Green Salad with poached egg.

Second course of your choice:

  • Our House Paella based on fish & meat. Or Vegetarian paella.

Dessert: Homemade Cake.

Drinks: Water, Beer, “Sangría”, Soft Drinks, Juices.

**Carboneras menu include:

  • Marinated Spanish olives (olive oil sauce with a touch of garlic & parsley).

First course of your choice:

One of our two house season soups:

  • Summer: southern Spanish “Salmorejo” (tomato cream with a pinch of garlic taste)
  • Winter: northern Spain seafood cream and crispy bread
  • Warm Brie cheese salad with crispy dry fruits and moderate olive oil.

Second course of your choice.

  • Hake white fish served with white rice garnish & green sauce
  • Chicken served with potatoes cubes & pineapple sauce.

Dessert: Homemade cake.

Drinks: Water, Beer, “Sangría”, Soft Drinks, Juices.

*** Flamenco menu include:

  • Marinated Spanish olives (olive oil sauce with a touch of garlic & parsley).

First course of your choice:

  • Artichokes with Feta cheese and Iberian ham
  • Grilled vegetables with aromatic herb dressing and a touch of garlic
  • Carboneras dish compused (Iberian ham and national cheese + Spanish omelette + homemade Croquetes + marinated smoked salmon with russian salad).

Second cours of yours choice.

  • Sword Fish served with wild rice garnish & citric sauce
  • Beef Stew “Leones” style

Dessert: Homemade cake

Drinks: Water, Beer, Sangria, Soft Drinks, Juices.

Performance description

Two 60 minutes (aprox.) shows per night, from Monday to Saturday. Times are:

• First show from Monday to Saturday

• Dinner 07: 30 - show at 8:30 p.m.

• Second show from Monday to Thursday

• Dinner 10:00 - show 10:30 p.m.

• Second show from Friday to Saturday

• Dinner 10:00 - show 11:00 p.m.

Visitors with performance + drink can access 15 minutes before the performance.

The performances are usually 8 artists troupe, composed by two singers, three female dancers and two guitar players. (with guest artist of the highest level that change every 15 days)

Ticket Price includes beverage. Dinner is always before the performance.

Photographs without flash are allowed/ Video recordings are allowed.

Observations on reservations: When a ticket purchase is made, the email confirmation will serve as your receipt and purchase slip. Print the home ticket from your computer. If you cannot print, present your home ticket from your smart phone to the box office. In other situations, send us an email after having made your purchase and we will immediately register your purchase in box office. By presenting your passport, photo ID or other type of official ID you will be able to access the locale. In case the client cancels the reservation with less than 24 hours in advance, no amount will be refunded and the total amount of this TICKET will be paid to LAS CARBONERAS.

If you choose the show + menu for group reservation, and you want to tell us some particularity about the food, please let us know as soon as possible, in order to be able to satisfy your request without incident. For groups from 10 pax. It is necessary to make an advance reservation, at least two days in advance to know the menu chosen.

CANCELLATION TERMS: In case the spectacle is totally or partially canceled by CARBONERAS, FLAMENCO NAU will return the total amount of the TICKETS to the respective buyers, without prejudice to FLAMENCO NAU, for which reason the costs generated by this return will be Supported by CARBONERAS, who will be previously informed of these costs. In case the client cancels the reservation with less than 24 hours in advance, there is no refund and will be paid to CARBONERAS the total amount of this TICKET.

The closing of the online sale will take place 6 hours before the celebration of the show. FLAMENCO NAU reserves the right to make telephone bookings according to the availability of telephone numbers. In reservations of the same day, the availability and the entire operation will be confirmed by telephone.

In case of incident or anomaly, please contact us during the purchase process.

Bar and/or restaurant service: The “tablao” has a bar service exclusively designed to assist during the show or workshops. If you reserve events for individual or groups, a catering can be provided. (Consult us free of charge).

Videos of Tablao Las Carboneras



Gema Moneo



Jorge Pardo



Rocío Molina



Marco Flores



Olga Pericet