Tablao El Cardenal, Tablao Córdoba

Tablao Tablao El Cardenal

About Tablao El Cardenal

Tablao El Cardenal

Type: Tablao

Capacity: people

Address: Calle Buen Pastor, nº 2

Postal code: 14009


Phone: 691 217 922

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The “Tablao El Cardenal” is placed in the old bishop’s palace of the city, on Torrijos Street, next to the great Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. It edifies over the old Caliphate Alcazar, seat of the Muslim government from the s.VIII to its fall in 1236. The fortress is conserved caliphs, vaulted rooms which imitate the Roman baths. Besides, it has the characteristic star skylights of the Mudejar architecture. At the moment, it is the Palace of Congresses of Córdoba, it is a part of the historical center of the city, that was declared a UNESCO's World Heritage Site in 1994.

This “tablao” Flamenco, one of the oldest in Córdoba, has a long tradition and more than 25 years of experience. It is a reference for Córdoba Flamenco. Artists like Rafael del Pino Keko, Antonio Alcázar and Victoria Palacios have performance here. All of them are National Flamenco Art Awards. Nowadays, they have a great Flamenco team with artist of high level like Ángel Reyes. In addition to, they have the most professional and attentive management and waiters team, something the visitor appreciates and improves the experience.

Public will live this experience in one of the treasures of Córdoba: its courtyards. Recently, Cordoban courtyards have been declared a UNESCO's World Heritage Site, and the historic centre of the city, too. The place and the stage are an incomparable and a unique opportunity to enjoy these three treasures at the same time: Flamenco, in Cordoban courtyard and jewry art.

In the “Tablao del Cardenal” there are shows from Monday to Saturday in high season (from April to October), and from Thursday to Saturday in the low season (from November to March). The schedules and performances are different, depending on the quantity and the tourist activity of the moment (consult us about the calendar). They produce an open and colourful Flamenco show, either in the main and beautiful Córdoba courtyard; or in one of the awesome rooms of the old palace, depending on the season of the year.



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