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Rubén Campos


Name: Rubén Campos

Type: Guitar player

Place of birth: Granada

RUBEN CAMPOS, guitarist. He began to play the guitar in the familiar bosom perfecting his touch with the masters Manolo Sanlúcar and José Jiménez "El Viejin". He has also studied with Gerardo Núñez, Emilio Maya y José Suarez "El Paquete".

He has worked in the Seville and Malaga Biennials with young talents such as Sergio Gómez el colorao and Diego Villegas; and with artists of the stature of: Antonio Campos, Juani Requena, María Toledo, Javier Conde, etc.

Rubén Campos has played in venues in Madrid and tablaos as important as Sala Caracol, Clamores, Casa Patas or Cardamomo with artists of the stature of Ariadna Rivas, Sandra Carrasco, Auxi Fernández, David Paniagua, Juan Ñares, Miguel de la Tolea, Saúl Quirós, Diego Pantoja, Adrián Sánchez, David Vázquez, etc..

He toured with the companies of Paco Mora and José Porcel as musical director and first guitarist in countries like the United States, specifically in theatres of the relevance of the Metropolitan of New York.

He has composed the music in the shows of Adrián Sánchez (Taracea, Un paseo flamenco and Por los cuatro costaos) performed in different countries such as Russia, Poland or France and in festivals as important as the Festival Flamenco de Jerez obtaining the recognition of the specialized press.

She has worked with young dance figures such as  Patricia GuerreroFuensanta La Moneta o Ana Calí and in peñas and important festivals such as "la platería" or "los sumanos del corral", both in Granada. He has also performed with dancers such as Juan Ramírez, Mario Maya o Manolete.

He obtained the second prize in the International Guitar Contest City of Ogíjares.

He conducted the direction and musical production of the album "Venero" by the Granadian singer Álvaro Rodríguez. He also collaborated on the album "Homenaje a Diego del Gastor" and "Jóvenes flamencos" by the Granada Provincial Council.

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