Palacio del Flamenco, Tablao Barcelona

Tablao Palacio del Flamenco

About Palacio del Flamenco

Palacio del Flamenco

Type: Tablao

Capacity: people

Address:Carrer de Balmes, 139

Postal code: 08008


Phone: +34 932 18 72 37

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“El Palacio del Flamenco” is located in the Gaudi’s city: Barcelona. It has a long history as a space dedicated to art and culture, because it was headquarters of the Vergés Forum. In 2006, it was completely renovated, decorated and perfectly equipped for Flamenco shows with a large number of artists on stage.

The building has side boxes as VIP areas, and a multipurpose hall that make the visitor's stay more pleasant. This elegant theatre is a safe choice for the visitor, for the quality of its shows and its excellent service.

The “tablao” Flamenco of Barcelona proposes each night for its spectators three different shows: "Flamenco and Olé", "The Palace and the Tavern" and "Flamenca Passion". Thanks to a good artistic direction, the improvisation capacity of the artists and the complicity between musicians and dancers make every show different every day. In addition to, the art direction of El Palacio del Flamenco has created its live music and choreography, which include soloist show of great technique and beautiful execution.

The show is composed by 17 artists troupe on stage, including singers, dancers and musicians. They offer a dramatic and great strength musical proposal. The performance always starts with great energy and passion and it includes some classic Spanish show. The viewer is introduced in this passionate world, and then it continues with the different "palos"(styles) of Flamenco in a beautiful Flamenco evening.

Their service and cuisine have 25 years of experience in the catering sector Beltxenea group , and they have a qualified staff with a wide knowledge of language, so they speak comfortably and closely with visitors (English, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Russian, Indian, Slovak, etc.).



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