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Moi de Morón - Flamenco singing / "Cante"

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Moi de Morón


Name: Moi de Morón

Type: Flamenco singing / "Cante"

Place of birth: Cádiz

MOI DE MORÓN, singer. He was born in 1977 in Morón de la Frontera or began his musical career playing flamenco guitar, although when he was a teenager he decided to dedicate himself to singing.

In 1996 he began singing in the tablao ‘El Cordobés’' in Barcelona. A year later he worked with the company of  Antonio Andrade and went on tour all over England with Jaleo Flamenco. Moi continued singing in the tablaos of Seville as El Arenal, Las Brujas and Los Gallos, where he began to work with the cantaora Martirio. 

In 1998 Moi de Morón joined the group Son de la Frontera and went on extensive tours throughout Spain and Latin America with the show "Repentismo a compás". He sang in Miami and at the Cubadisco Festival in Havana, Cuba. Moi continued to work with several companies such as Cristina Hoyos. 

In 2004 the first Son de la Frontera album released by Nuevos Medios was released. In 2007 Son la Frontera became finalists in the Latin Grammys and were chosen by the British channel BBC Radio 3 as Best European Group 2008 of World Music. The group toured numerous cities such as London, Amsterdam, Chicago, Paris, Mexico, Barcelona and Madrid.

Moi de Morón has contributed to the following albums' Son de la Frontera',' El Cal de Morón' and' Solo Compas, en Vivo desde Morón de la Frontera'. He currently works with Eva Yerbabuena. Company.

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