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Marina Heredia


Name: Marina Heredia Ríos

Type: Flamenco singing / "Cante"

Place of birth: Granada

MARINA HEREDIA RÍOS, cantaora. It was born in 1980 in Granada. Best known in the world of flamenco singing with the artistic name of Marina Heredia, her father is Jaime Heredia Amaya El Parrón. It has antecedents in almost all the gypsy families of Granada, the Maya, the Amaya, and the Heredia. He entered a recording studio at the age of thirteen with Pepe Habichuela, Enrique and Estrella Morente.

From the age of fifteen, the flamenco paintings began to be heard from the back, first by bailaoras (La China) and then by guitarists like Miguel Ángel Cortés. She replaced Carmen Linares in a show by María Pagés at the Granada Music and Dance Festival.

In classical music, he collaborated in the last Seville Biennial of Flamenco with José María Gallardo in six songs that would be published on an album recorded in that performance, La Maestranza. Also sits behind Eva the Yerbabuena, chair with chair with Archangel. There are also more disparate participations, such as the Rock-98 Espárrago, or in the opera Amore, by Mauricio Sotelo. Good temper and young voice trying to get the old dark.

"It hurts, it hurts me" is the first record of Marina Heredia, a young, very musical voice, in a production of Pepe de Lucía for a flamenco singing disc close to the productions of Miguel Poveda, Estrella Morente, Arcángel and others.

With "La voz del agua" he releases his second album, a self-produced disc that summarizes the cantaora trajectory of the granadina, to the thread of the poems of writers like Bergamín and Alberti. It contains a varied flamenco repertoire, but also other genres such as tango.

In 2006 he performed at the inaugural show of the Seville Flamenco Biennial, at the Lope de Vega Theater, but probably his most important work during that year was the recording of "La voz del agua", his second solo work, edited under His own seal.

A fond of fusion and a student of other musics, in 2008 he presented the Con-Vivencias show at the International Festival of Music and Dance in Granada, a study on the parallels of traditional Arab-gharnati music and flamenco in which the Moroccan Amina Alaoui. An approach between the gypsy tradition and the Andalusí arisen from a meeting in the School of Arab Studies.

Its success has grown so much that its presence in the main stages is increasingly demanded. Winner of several awards including the traditional and prestigious Trofeo de la Peña El Taranto, its importance in Andalusia is latent and this Granada has no lack of desire and has plenty of art and talent to demonstrate their art throughout the world. In 2009, Marina Heredia has the honor of being the first flamenco woman to perform at the Auditorio Nacional de España in Madrid.

In 2011, Marina received the Best Flamenco Singing Award, competing in this category with Morente + Flamenco by Enrique Morente and Fernando Terremoto by Fernando Terremoto.

In September 2012, "A mi tempo" premieres the show of his new album, at the Maestranza Theater in Seville, at the XVII Bienal de Flamenco, where he revalidates the success obtained at the 2010 Biennial, The special collaborations of the diva Mónica Naranjo and the Cadiz Choir of Luis Rivero of the Carnival of Cadiz.

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