Manuel de la Curra, Manuel Chacón

Manuel de la Curra - Flamenco singing / "Cante"

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Manuel de la Curra


Name: Manuel Chacón

Type: Flamenco singing / "Cante"

Place of birth: Cádiz

MANUEL CHACÓN, “MANUEL DE LA CURRA”, Flamenco singer. Born in Jerez in 1979, in the same family that Deafness and Earthquake, which they have given to the Fleming artists as Terremoto, The Sordera, Jose Soto, Sorderita, Juañares, Curro Carrasco of Navajita Plateá or Diego Carrasco, between others.

Already from the cradle the art lives and does his of Sing and the Guitar, initiating his professional career in 1999 in the tablao " El Lagar de Parrilla" and in the Tavern Flamenca de Jerez. After his step along the tablaos,he passes to form a part of the musicians' index of the band of Diego Carrasco, who leads him to travelling for the world of tour.
This flamenco singer and guitarist of renown has crossed the biggest scenes of the world. He has worked with Diego Carrasco, Antonio Gades and Rafael Amargo and is likewise a teacher of the Top Conservatoire of Dance of Alicante.

With multitude of prizes in his career, these they were some of that Manuel de la Curra obtained:

- 1er premio del V concurso de Saetas Ciudad de Alicante. 2003.

- Saeta de Plata del Concurso de Saetas de Albatera. 2003.

- Saeta de Oro del Concurso de Saetas de Albatera. 2004.

- 2º Premio del Concurso de cante Flmaneco del Castillo de Denia. 2003.

- 2º Premio del Concurso de Saetas de Alcoy. 2004

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