Luisa Muñoz, Luisa Muñoz

Luisa Muñoz - Flamenco singing / "Cante"

About Luisa Muñoz

Luisa Muñoz


Name: Luisa Muñoz

Type: Flamenco singing / "Cante"

Place of birth: Málaga

LUISA MUÑOZ, flamenco singer. Born in Montpellier (France), she does of Malaga her city of residence. This flamenco singer with major projection in Malaga possesses a few unique qualities for the Flamenco, this makes it be a flamenco singer who when she sings makes it be different from the rest.

Her flamenco and its so well compass makes it easier for him to walk in this art. it complements with the study of it. Its evolution is becoming more noticeable, with soleares, seguiriyas, tangos or cantes of levante.

It has a family curriculum of great weight since it belongs to "Los Montoya", one of the strains that more artists has given to the world of flamenco.

In Malaga she is in the company of bailaor Antonio de Verónica and quickly begins to capture the attention of many and becomes one of the most requested in the main local peñas ("Juan Breva", "El Piyayo" ...) this it has increased its recognition throughout the province, acting in the main peñas, tablaos and festivals of Malaga.

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