La Casa del Flamenco - Auditorio Alcántara, Tablao Sevilla

Tablao La Casa del Flamenco - Auditorio Alcántara

About La Casa del Flamenco - Auditorio Alcántara

La Casa del Flamenco - Auditorio Alcántara

Type: Tablao

Capacity: people

Address:Ximénez de Enciso, 28

Postal code: 41004 Sevilla


Phone: +34 955 02 99 99

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La Casa del Flamenco is Located in the ancient Jewish quarter, today the Santa Cruz neighborhood. The history behind this space is profound. The Cultural Center Auditorium Alcantara is positioned in an old XV century mansion which, after 1679, became the permanent residence of D. Justino de Neve, close friend of Murillo, patron of the larger part of the genius’ art and, oddly, the first “Flamenco” who stepped on this stage as his paternal grandparents were from Flanders.

Justino de Neve rented this palace house to the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria la Blanca (of which still remains on the façade a tile with his coat of arms), because it was well situated between his two “loves” (the Cathedral, of which he was also patron, and the Hospital of the Sacred, of which he was founder) and with 14,000 ducats converted it into the space the visitor can see today, a house of partitions, with traditional ceramic tiles and semi circular arches which were the typical style of that era.

Without a doubt this patron of the arts would applaud the fact that the main courtyard of his house today hosts the stage on which flamenco art is displayed in his beloved Seville.

The most special guest in the Alcantara Auditórium is flamenco, as its promoter declares, considering that in this singular cultural space, good flamenco and hospitality is the axis on which this family business revolves.

The Alcantara Auditorium is open to one-off programming of other cultural activities, related or unrelated to flamenco: theater for adults, children`s theater, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and concerts.

The visitor has the opportunity to stay overnight in the hotel located in the same building, providing them with a comfortable solution to the organization of their trip with the plus of looking forward to a flamenco performance in the heart of Seville. Performance discounts are made for hotel guests, and the schedules and installations are perfectly adapted to preserve their guest’s peace of mind.

The Casa del Flamenco produces a different performance each night, with different artists and personalities; among them highlight Juan José Arroyo "El Junco" and Ana María Márquez Heredia, "La Marquesita".

Description of locale

Seats are front and side to the stage, the stage is slightly raised. Seats are NOT numbered, accommodation by order of arrival. We recommend you arrive 20 minutes before the beginning of the performance.

Discreet and well designed lighting. Natural acoustics, without amplification or technological back up. The stage set is the very courtyard.

Parallel Activities

Programmed learning activities for groups, with special emphasis on entry level dance and rhythm workshops.

Painting and Photography exhibitions.



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