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Name: Karime Amaya

Type: Dancer

Place of birth: Madrid


KARIME AMAYA, "bailaora" (flamenco dancer). Karime Amaya is the grandniece of grandniest and most revered bailaora of all time: Carmen Amaya ("La Capitana").

It certainly carries in its blood the legacy of "La Capitana". She debuted at the age of 9 in the company of her parents, bailaora Mercedes Amaya "La Winy" and guitarist Santiago Aguilar, with whom she began her career at the age of 12 and continues to dance.

She has participated in various editions of the prestigious "Festival Flamenco Internacional de Albuquerque" in New Mexico (in: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006). In 2002, in this same festival, she participates next to: Farruquito, María Pagés and Israel Galván, among other artists.

In 2003, she performed at the "Arts Presenters 46th annual members conference", New York and in 2004 she spent six months at the most prestigious tablao in Tokyo: "El Flamenco".

In 2004 she participates as a guest artist in the "Bailaor" show by Antonio Canales, in Palma de Mallorca and presents herself in the most important "tablaos" in Madrid.

She also worked with "Los Losada" at the "Festival Quito Flamenco" 2005, in Ecuador. She also participates in Festival International, New Mexico, USA, 2005 and has been in season three of the most important tablaos in Madrid, "Casa Patas", "Las Carboneras" and "Cardamomo".

In 2006, she toured with dancer "Juan de Juan" as a guest artist, along with Ana Salazar, in the show "Frente a frente", touring more than 30 cities around Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Granada.

This same year, she is invited to the "Festival Arte Flamenco Mont-de-Marsan" in France, where she shares stage with Gerardo Núñez and poster with the company of Mario Maya, with "Antonio el Pipa" and the "Familia Farruco", among others.

In 2007, it initiates a tour of presentations by the main cities of Japan.

In 2008, it acts "10º Festival de Arte Flamenco Monterrey".

During 2009, she collaborates as a guest artist with the "bailaor" Antonio Canales and the guitarist "Enrique de Melchor".

In 2011 she opens with his family the show "Amaya Linaje" which is a tribute to all members of the Amaya Family.

Between 2011 and 2012, she participated as the main actress in the filming of the documentary "Bajarí" by Eva Vila, journalist, director and scriptwriter of the "Universitat Pompeu Fabra".

In 2012 she presents his show "Desde la orilla" at the "Festival de Jerez", alluding to the nights he spent in a beach on the other side of the pond dreaming of "Somorrostro" and inspiring himself like his great-aunt Carmen Amaya in the swinging waves . In that same year she also opens in Costa Rica: "Abolengo", de Farruquito, where she dances as a guest artist and with whom she will be touring until the beginning of 2013, and participating in the show of Joaquín Cortes "Dicen de mí".

In 2013, she participated alongside Pastora Galván and Paloma Fantova, as principal "bailaoras" (the three), in the show homage to Carmen Amaya, "Con Carmen Amaya en la Memoria", produced by the "Fundación Tablao Cordobés" and the "Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias del Flamenco", making representations for Europe and Spanish capitals.

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