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Juan Coronel Chico - Flamenco singing / "Cante"

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Coronel Chico


Name: Juan Ruiz Coronel

Type: Flamenco singing / "Cante"

Place of birth: Jaén

Fecha de Nacimiento: 11/01/1984

Mail: coronel27chico@gmail.com

JUAN RUIZ CORONEL CHICO, known artistically as "Coronel Chico", was born in Linares (Jaén) on January 11, 1984, in the bosom of a flamenco family where his grandfather, Francisco Coronel Melero "Coronel de Linares", a great singer and connoisseur of all the styles known in flamenco, in addition to being a participant in the Contest of La Unión on numerous occasions since its inception. 

"Coronel chico" begins, from an early age, to sing and participate in various family gatherings where little by little he forges his love and way of understanding flamenco. 

He stands out for his mastery of the compás, for his knowledge of mining cantes and cantes in general, given his great fondness. His voice is flamenco and personal and stands out for his dedication and taste for the performance of the cantes, always putting his stamp and personality in them.  

In spite of his youth, he is a connoisseur and performs a varied range of styles where he stands out in the cantes por tarantas, saetas, mineras, taranto, levantica, seguiriyas, tientos, bulerias, alegrias, granainas, malagueña, martinetes, tangos, saetas, peteneras, soleares, snails, romeras, fandangos, tonas, etc. 

His great hobby leads him to be in constant progress and search of his most basic feelings. Singer beloved and respected by fans, both orthodox and heterodox, for his ability to analyze and understand the wide variety of styles, forms and tessituras that this great art presents. 

Honorary partner in PEÑA LA TARANTA DE LINARES and partner in PEÑA "EL CABRERILLO", also of LINARES. 

He has shared the stage with artists of the stature of India Martínez, Capullo de jerez, Alfredo Tejada, Toñi Fernández, La Tana, David Palomar, Jesús Méndez, and Arcangel, among others.

He has received numerous awards, even though he is not a singer who competes regularly:

- First prize and Silver Cabría at the National Tarantas de Linares, in 2014 and 2018, in addition to obtaining the Fernando Medina Prize for singer under 25 years in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

- First prize and Silver Breva in the National Singing Competition of the Aznaitin in Jimena (2018).

- First prize in the National Competition De la Peña La Solea de Alcalá de Guadaira (2018)

- First Prize and Silver Breva in the National Contest of Cante de Jimena (2018)

- Third Prize in the National Competition of Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo (2018)

- Third Prize in the National Adamuz Singing Competition (2018)

- Third Prize in the National Linares Free Song Contest (2018)

- First Prize in the Singing Contest of the Federation of Peñas de Málaga (2017)

- First Prize in Contest of Saetas and Cantes de Pasión Ciudad de la Unión (2017)

- First Prize in the National Competition Aniya la Gitana de Ronda (2017)

- Second Prize in the Peña el Puchero de Bailén Competition (2016)

- Fourth Golden Sun Prize of Lorca (2016)

- Finalist for two consecutive years in the National Contest of Cante Mairena del Alcor (2016 and 2017) 

- Second Prize Concurso de Cante Libre y Tarantas de la Carolina (2016)

- Second Prize in the Contest of Tarantas and Tarantos Cristina Heeren Foundation, in the Peña el Taranto de Almería (2003) 

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