JOSÉ VALENCIA, José Antonio Valencia Vargas

JOSÉ VALENCIA - Flamenco singing / "Cante"

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José Valencia


Name: José Antonio Valencia Vargas

Type: Flamenco singing / "Cante"

Place of birth: Barcelona

JOSÉ ANTONIO VALENCIA VARGAS, cantaor. José Valencia was born in Barcelona in the year 1975, it is by family history and experiences that he is a faithful maintainer of the lebrijanos airs.

He soon stood out for the timbre forms of voice and sense of rhythm. In 1980 he performed for the first time in the Barcelona Sports Palace, in a tribute to the guitarist Melchor de Marchena, alongside figures such as Camarón, Lebrijano, Fernanda and Bernarda. In 1981 , With six years of age, is a finalist in the cante contest Antonio Mairena. In 1986 he obtained the first prize in the youth competition of the federation of clubs and flamenco entities of Seville. Since 1987 he has participated in festivals throughout Spain.

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