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José Candela


Name: José Candela

Type: Dancer

Place of birth: Granada

JOSÉ CANDELA, flamenco dancer. At the age of 14 he started his training with leading figures of flamenco dance in Granada.

José Candela continued his studies at the Centro de Arte Flamenco Amor de Dios in Madrid and at the Granada Dance Conservatory, where he trained in flamenco dance and contemporary dance. He made his debut as a professional dancer on the Catalan coast and continued his career in southern France, in the cities of Montpellier, Nice, Antibes, Cannes and Monaco, where he taught flamenco dance courses. 

He worked as a dancer in: 
- Flamenco group Candela. Asociación Sevilla de Montpellier (2004)

- Telethón at the Theatre de la Varieté in Monaco (2005-2008)

- THE TWO SIDES OF FLAMENCO Theatre of Monaco (2007) 

- WAKE UP GYPSUM in the Chêne-Bougeries Room, Geneva (2008) 

- GYPSY WEDDING at the Alhambra Theatre, Geneva (2009) 

- NOMOI with the flamenco company Color Graná presented in Granada, Madrid, Valencia. (Tour 2010-2011) 

- SABOR AÑEJO presented in Sierra Norte de Madrid, Sala El Caldero de Cobre (Madrid) (August 2011) and Theatre from Fuente Vaqueros (Granada) (September 2011)

- A LA VUELTA DEL CAMINO with the Fusion Group Theatre, from El Ejido (May-October 2011) 

José Candela was also director and choreographer of: 
- I AM LORCA (biography of the poet) in the Federico García Lorca Theatre (Fuente Vaqueros. Granada. June 2011) 

- THE FIVE ELEMENTS at the Teatro Medina Elvira (Atarfe) in Granada (November 2010) 

In June 2011 he was invited to the Music Festival of Geneva, where he currently offers regular flamenco dance courses. He is the director of his own flamenco school and continues his training as a dancer in Seville with the masters Concha Vargas, Juana Amaya and Alejandro Granados.

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