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Iván Vargas


Name: Iván Vargas Heredia

Type: Dancer

Place of birth: Granada


IVÁN VARGAS HEREDIA, bailaor. He was born in Sacromonte (Granada) in 1986, specifically in the cave "La Rocío" where he took his first steps of the hand of his family Los Maya. It belongs therefore to a dynasty of great dancers where we can find names like Manolete, Juan Andrés Maya, Mario Maya and, of course, accompanied by Juan Maya "Marote".

Very little boy was made known to the general public intervening in televising programs of national scope. He has participated in a large number of works and shows with his uncle Juan Andrés Maya among which stand out:

Passion Contras Cautivo The flamenco of an outcast, whose debut took place at the Teatro Apolo in Madrid. His participation in the 1992 Seville Biennial was also important. Another brilliant contribution was made with Fura Del's Baus in the work Death in Granada by Federico García Lorca, where he shared the stage with artists such as Javier Latorre, Eva The Yerbabuena, Beatriz Martín and again with her uncle Juan Andrés. He performed in the Veranos del Corral next to Fuensanta "La Moneta".

Outside our borders he has acted in Italy and the United States. In this last country was of the hand of the group of Curro Albayzín on the occasion of the appointment of Antonio Banderas like ambassador of Andalusia. IvánVargas, said of him in 2003, that with only 17 years has been defined as one of the artists with more force of the moment thanks to the purity and the race that treasures.

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