Fernando Terremoto, Fernando Fernández Pantoja

Fernando Terremoto - Flamenco singing / "Cante"

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Fernando Terremoto


Name: Fernando Fernández Pantoja

Type: Flamenco singing / "Cante"

Place of birth: Cádiz

FERNANDO FERNÁNDEZ PANTOJA "FERNANDO TERREMOTO", "cantaor" (flamenco singer). Fernando debuted as a guitarist alongside Manuel Morao and it is not until he turns 20 when he decides to get into cantaor, making his debut in Peña Don Antonio Chacón de Jerez, accompanied by "Moraíto Chico", with a performance that has passed into the history of Flamenco. His voice is sculptural and has plenty of faculties, illustrating the expression of Lorca on the subject of flamenco: a wonder of nature.

He arrives in Madrid hired by the "Tablao Zambra" and is part of the shows "Arco" de Santiago, for "Expo 92", and "Chachipen", of the "Company Manuel de Paula".

In 1996, obtaining the "First Prize of Cante of the Contest of Young Interpreters" of the "IX Bienal de Flamenco" of Seville confirms that it has taken possession of its name. From then on, he will no longer be known as "Terremoto hijo", but with Fernando Terremoto. In 1997 he is part of the cycle '"Conocer el flamenco", presented throughout Andalusia, together with "Niño Josele" and Israel Galván. With this last one also shares during forty-five days in Barcelona the scene of the "El Tablao Cordobés".

He died in February 2010 leaving orphaned the whole world Flamenco and his unique voice leaves a gap that we can not fill.

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