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Eugenio Iglesias - Guitar player

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Eugenio Iglesias


Name: Eugenio Iglesias

Type: Guitar player

Place of birth: Barcelona

EUGENIO IGLESIAS, flamenco guitarist. He was born on March 1,1968. He started his training with teachers such as Mario Escudero and Julio Rodríguez, although in the streets where he learned more, as well as colleagues he admires, like the talented Miguel Pérez.

Throughout his career, Eugenio Iglesias has played for dancers such as FarrucoJosé GalvánCristina Hoyos, Mario Maya, Manuela Carrasco, Angelita Vargas, Sara Varas, y Antonio Canales, among others.

Among the singers he has accompanied are:  La SusiRemedios Amaya, Chiquetete, y Juan Villar.

He is currently touring with the Argentina, Toñi Fernández, y Regina García.

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