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Flamenco show in Centro de Arte Flamenco Kelipé

Centro de Arte Flamenco Kelipé

C/ Muro de Puerta Nueva Nº 10 29005 Malaga Málaga+34 692 82 98 85 / +34 ⁠⁠⁠665 09 73 59

About this event:

Duration: 60 min

Last day: 31-12-2016

Events per night: 1 (21:00)

Price of the ticket: 25€

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Kelipé is an idea, a way of being, and an entire life of dedication and devotion to Flamenco Art. This is how the proprietors describe themselves, and that perceives it when someone enters this welcoming cultural centre. This magnificent and devoted family of artists has an impressive artistic trajectory, a unique history, and exceptional talent in the stage that is transmitted from the very first chords.

Shane González “El Indio” is the director of Kelipé, as well as, an extraordinary guitar player, with a very special story. He has native American roots and Spanish gypsy DNA, concretely from Jerez de la Frontera, become him a very unique artist. Before arriving to Spain he travelled throughout the U.S.A. with “Cerro Negro” (a talented and representative of flamenco fusion groups). He is also a music teacher of the University of Fresno, CA.

Susana A. Manzano “La Yedra”, is co-director of the centre and married to “El Indio”. She is undoubtedly the spirit of Kelipé, she treats it as her own child. Ms. Manzano is an inspiring and elegant dancer, powerful in her technique and with a profound understanding of pure Flamenco. She has lived this world since birth because she comes from a Spanish gypsy family, rooted in Jerez de la Frontera. Ms. Manzano has inherited the talent and inspiration from her grandmother “La Chata”. Ms. Manzano is teacher and choreographer of big flamenco productions, for example, with companies such as Cirque du Soleil.

Together, these two exceptional artists direct this unique and special Centre of Flamenco Art in Málaga. This is a meeting place for whom love Flamenco, national or foreigners. With this precedent the visitor is guaranteed an enjoyable experience of authentic Flamenco.

Kelipé produces a show from Thursday to Saturday, in a very intimate atmosphere, apparently simple and without technical support, in order to give importance to its show “Flamenco de ley”. All seats are located in front of the stage and have excellent visibility; that's why this show is so close to its audience.

They are composed by 4 artists troupe, the viewer perceives with clarity, knows or not Flamenco, the technique and expressivity of its components, its great experience, and its great complicity in scene. Due to the long trajectory they carry together. Juanma "El Canastero", consecrated Malagan percussionist has been part of Kelipé for 10 years, except when he is on tour. Together with "Bastián de los Bizcos", a singer with a lot of “solera” (experienced), complete a small cast who fills and overflows the stage, and nothing has to envy the great formations.

This cultural centre is a space for dialogue around Flamenco Art, and this is perceived in each of its recitals and in its workshops. They try to transmit and inform its audience and its students about what they are hearing, watching and experiencing. Its pedagogical activity is especially focused on the more receptive public and improving the understanding of the foreign public. An audience that, thanks to centers like Kelipé, are better documented in the history of Flamenco and in the purity of this art.

In their centre they carry out an intense pedagogical activity throughout the week. They are qualified teachers, and offer beginners and intermediate courses for Spanish guitar, flamenco dance and beat, with very defined methods for students to learn quickly and pleasantly. They also provide courses for professionals, helping them to better understand a good staging, due to the experience in international tours with the teachers of Kelipé.

Prices Description:

  • 24,20 € general entrance + 2 beverages
  • 18 € Student ticket (between 12 and 18 years old, student ID needed).
  • Children under 12 free.

All prices include taxes.

Performance description

  • Five artist troupe. They are composed of guitar player, female dancer, percussionist, transverse flute and male singer. The group can be expanded in the case of occasional guest stars
  • One 60 minute nightly performance (21:00), from Thursdays to Saturdays.
  • We recommend you go with 30 minutes in advance. Previous explanation of the “cantes” that leave an interpretation. Taking photos during the event is available, always without flash. It is not possible to make videos.

Observations on reservations: When a ticket purchase is made, the email confirmation will serve as your receipt and purchase slip. Print the home ticket from your computer. If you cannot print, present your home ticket from your smart phone to the box office. In other situations, send us an email after having made your purchase and we will immediately register your purchase in box office. By presenting your passport, photo ID or other type of official ID you will be able to access the locale. In case of incident or anomaly, please contact us during the purchase process.

Bar and/or restaurant service: The “tablao” has a bar service exclusively designed to assist during the show or workshops. If you reserve events for individual or groups, a catering can be provided. (Consult us free of charge).

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El Indio

Artistic direction