Arte y Sabores de Crdoba

Flamenco show in Arte y Sabores de Córdoba

Arte y Sabores de Córdoba

C/ Velázquez Bosco 10, Córdoba Córdoba

About this event:

Duration: 1 h 30 m.

Last day: 31-12-2017

Events per night: 1 (22:00)

Price of the ticket: 30€

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Tablao Arte y Sabores de Córdoba is located in the center of the Jewish Quarter, just a few steps away from the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. This small locale hides a profound history. The foundation probably dates back to one of the many public baths that existed in the Roman era, evidenced by the numerous remnant spires that adorn the main courtyard and by the caladarium which serves as the space in which the flamenco recitals take place. In the 10th century, at the height of the Muslim culture in Spain, these spaces were reutilized for the construction of the Arab baths of Santa María of which still remains the bi-color gallery arches. In the 14th century this locale became part of a typical Cordoba style palace, thus receiving the last brushstrokes of history that formed this beautiful and unique locale, undeniably an intricate part of the citys architectural entirety.

The local promoter, José el Macareno, is an extraordinary flamenco guitar player with an extensive career during which he has performed in the most important concert halls the world over such as the Berlin Philharmonic among many others. The artist says with pride and emotion I had never felt the duende (muses) as strongly as when I play here. After an hour of recital we can declare that the artist transmits those sensations in every one of the palos he performs. Nowadays, they have a incredible Flamenco troupe with dancers like Ángel Reyes.

This is flamenco with Denomination of Origin: of this land, which has some of the most important conservatories of Dance and Music and from which great flamenco guitar players such as Vicente Amigo, Paco Pea or Gabriel Expósito hail.


  • They offer one pass per night (22:00) of 60 minutes each, from Monday to Sunday.
  • Show of 5 artists, composed by cantaor, two bailaoras, bailaor and guitarist
  • Entrance with drinking. In case of requesting a reservation for private events or groups, catering can be provided. Dinner during the show
  • It is allowed to take photos during the event, always without flash / NOT allowed to make videos

Description of the show:

Tablao Flamenco Arte y Sabores de Córdoba makes an effort to provide recitals every day, from Mondays to Saturdays (on Sundays by reservation only) of approximately one hour which sometimes extends over when artists and public connect. This happens often as the artistic level, as well as the esthetic and musical quality of the performance is irrefutably of the highest notch. Under the musical direction of El Macareno, the intimate atmosphere, the minimalist decor of typical handcrafted Cordoba style tables and chairs, and a photograph of Camarn de la Isla opposite the stage all serve as inspiration for the audience and artists alike.

Customarily the recitals are of 5 artist troupe who dedicate all their passion and determination in transmitting authenticity to their stage performance even when there is a small crowd. All the seats face the stage which is slightly raised off the ground and very well cushioned to avoid excess reverberation off the walls from the tap dancing. The barrel vault form of this locale has extraordinary natural acoustics and is slightly backed up by sound technicians to find the perfect blend of guitar, song, and dance. There is also a unique lighting design, very simple, using the small nooks and crannies of the vault as points of light to illuminate the space without breaking the atmosphere.


Description of prices:

  • € 30 show + drink

An advance payment of € 5 per entry is required. The remaining € 25 for each ticket will be paid in cash at the entrance to the show.

  • € 40 show + dinner *

An advance payment of € 10 per entry is required. The remaining € 30 for each ticket will be paid in cash at the entrance to the show.

50% entrance for children between 5 and 12 years old (under 5 years old free)

All prices are taxes included

* Includes (per person): Salmorejo dish, Potato omelette with salad and homemade flan, plus wine from the earth or another drink to choose from.


Undoubtedly what must be foremost in the visitors mind when visiting this locale is that it is not just a flamenco tablao; it is part of the historical entirety of the city, declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1994 as was flamenco declared World Heritage in 2010.

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Ángel Reyes



Vicente Amigo

Guitar player