El Templo del Flamenco, Tablao Granada

Tablao El Templo del Flamenco

About El Templo del Flamenco

El Templo del Flamenco

Type: Tablao

Capacity: people

Address:C/ Pernaleros Alto 41; Albaycin


Phone: +34 622 50 00 52

Mobile Phone:654 373 136


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Templo del Flamenco is one of the most famous caves constructed in the Albaicin and Sacromonte districts, located in front of the Alhambra. This cave in particular is one of the largest that is still conserved, and is located at the feet of the historical Albaicin district, very close to the Elvira Arch and the Gran Via. Albaicin is the name that was given in history to the districts that were outside the city walls of the cities and fortresses of the Muslim era. In these districts was where the settlements of the numerous communities of different cultures and beliefs settled down, after the fall of the kingdom of Granada. These were ethnic groups and cultures that lived together in peace, completely oblivious to the geo-political and military conflicts of the era.

These caves are one of those indelible traces of the post Nasserite society that exist today in Granada. They were customarily family dwellings but were also meeting points and congregations of religious brotherhoods, outside of the Christian cults.

According to local legend, The Templo del Flamenco is one of those “temples” in which clandestine meetings took place. Moors, Jews, and Gypsies, persecuted for centuries, celebrated their feasts in a merging of cultures and music. Of this merging, in this place and in other parts of Andalusia, came the origins of the art of flamenco. After a number of years the Christian cult dissolved these meetings and adapted these places to Catholic religious practices, giving them the form of the current cross vaults. It has been possible to recuperate and reform this “Temple” to worship the art of flamenco.

A performance of passion and force is presented each night, the same virtues that lie within the artistic director, Antonio Vallejo. There is a 15 artist troupe, among them his brother Iván Vallejo, of proven quality and experience, customarily performing 6 or 7 of the artists. These artists carry out a parade of the most rhythmic “palos” of flamenco (alegrías, tangos, bulerías, etc.) and are connected at all times to the audience as they explain the different styles they interpret with respect and affection for all the styles. We therefore assist to an open performance, well balanced in its rhythms and artistic quality.



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