El Patio Sevillano

Flamenco show in El Patio Sevillano

El Patio Sevillano

Paseo Cristóbal Colón, 11-A 41001 Sevilla Sevilla+34 954 21 41 20

About this event:

Duration: 90 min

Last day: 31-12-2016

Events per night: 2 (19:00 / 21:30)

Price of the ticket: 38€

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Patio Sevillano offers nightly flamenco performances in a theatrical environment of large halls adorned with all the technical and stage characteristics typical of spaces like this. It has two ample and eye-catching halls. The largest hall has a first row of seats, situated in the front and to the side of the stage. Behind these there is a second row on two levels (box seats) of tables for dining. It also has a top front and side theater box from which a splendid panoramic view can be had of the performance. The ample stage is raised on a podium which affords the client excellent visibility from any and all seating.

The second hall, slightly smaller but just as equipped, is a dining area where the tables are all positioned in front of the raised stage, just as is the stage in the larger hall. All the tables have an optimum view of the stage. The stages in both halls are large and deep which allow ample space for set design and artistic movements. The stage settings and decoration of the space are carefully chosen to give an ambience of festivity and spectacle.

The performances are customarily of 10-artist troupes, and the cast is composed of young rising stars and accomplished artists such as Ana M. Bueno or Isidoro Vargas. Masters and young artists offer a varied, well executed and polished performance. Not in vain is Patio Sevillano considered the cradle of artists now hallowed in the international flamenco scene. To the well balanced stage performances we add the design of the promoters to offer a spectacle in which there is room for flamenco as well as an ample register of styles that afford colorfulness and pageantry.

Price Descrption

  • 38 € show + beverage (except reservations)
  • 60 € show + tapas dinner*
  • 72 € show + Tarantos Dinner**

All prices include taxes


  • Garden tomato salad, Andalusia fried fish variety, piquillo peppers stuffed with cod, Tortilla española, Pork loin Sevillana style, salmorejo appetizer, Dessert and beverages (red or white wine)


  • First course dishes to choose from: Fish soufflé with Muslin of Red Caviar, Piquillo Peppers stuffed with Cod, Salmorejo with Ham
  • Second course dishes to choose from: Pork Tenderloin in Red Wine, Hake Loin with Prawn, Eggs scrambled with Ham
  • Home-made Desserts to choose from: Cheese cake, Crema Catalana or custard and
  • beverages to choose from: bottle of red or white wine, and coffee or tea

Performance Description

TWO nightly 90 minute shows (19:00 & 21:30), every day of the week

Performance of 8 to 10 artist troupe composed of two guitar players, two male singers, one female singer, three male dancers, and three female dancers.

Ticket Price INCLUDES beverage. In the case of a reservation for individual or group parties, set menus or á la carte menus are available, adaptable to client taste, conditions or religion. These dinners will be served in the second hall which has been designed for this purpose. Dinner is served during the performance.

Photographs WITHOUT flash are allowed/ Video recordings are NOT allowed

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