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José Antonio Heredia Heredia - Guitar player

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El Chónico


Name: José Antonio Heredia Heredia

Type: Guitar player

Place of birth: Granada

JOSE ANTONIO HEREDIA HEREDIA, flamenco guitarist. He was born in Sacromonte (Granada) in 1967.

He comes from the "Zambra de la Faraona" and belongs to the artistic family of "Las Chonicas". He is influenced in his playing by Paco de LucíaHabichuela, Marote and the Cortés Brothers.

His beginnings were flamenco singing, but at the age of 13 he opted for the flamenco guitar without abandoning his love of singing. At the age of 14 he made his debut in the cave "La Zingara" and a year later he crossed borders giving his first concert in Antibes, France. In Granada, he performed in the tablaos of "La Reina Mora", "El Neptuno", "La Venta de Gallo" and "Los Tarantos", where he accompanied dancers such as El Biembre, Miguel Medina, El Fali and Joaquin Fajardo. The collaboration with the guitarists Paco Cortés, Antonio Solera, Juan de Lucía, Miguel Ochando, Miguel Ángel Cortés y Rafael Habichuela, influenced his playing in a direct and lasting way.

Flamenco clubs such as Los Torres Macarena/Sevilla, Juanito Villar/Cádiz, Juan Breva/Malaga, El Candil/Jaén, Peña Flamenca/Cordoba, El Morato/Almería, Peña Cultural Flamenca Femenina/Huelva and La Plateria/Granada invited Antonio to present his music on their stages. The "peña Casa Pepe" took him to Paris and the "peña La Granaína" to Vienna. His national and international concerts offered Antonio the opportunity to perform a variety of performances, including the Aichi/Japan Universal Exhibition in 2005, in Los Angeles/USA in 2004, at the Littra Theatre, Milan/Italy, at the Spanish Embassy in Teheran/Iran and at the National Opera House in Kiev, Ukraine. He has also played and sung many times for the Spanish Royal Family with Curro Albaicín.

In his native Granada, he has accompanied singers such as Jaime Heredia El Parrón, Manolo de Osuna, Marina Heredia, Sara Herecia, Chonchi Heredia and La Nitra and has performed on stages such as the Palacio de los Congresos, the Manuel de Falla Theatre and the Isabel la Católica Theatre. In the latter as the first guitarist for the production of the zarzuela "Alma de Dios", under the direction of Miguel Sánchez Ruzafa.

For the dancer Ana Calí, he sang at Casa Patas, Madrid. In the Catalan capital he accompanied the dancer Manuel Liñán at the Teatro Apolo and has played for Juan Andrés Maya in the production "Graná sings, plays and dances for Enrique Morente".

Antonio has also accompanied the classes of leading dance figures such as Manuela CarrascoFarruquito, Manuel Liñán, El Guito, Isabel Bayón, Juana Maya, Pastora GalvánAntonio ReyesRafaela Carrasco, Manolete, Judea Maya y Javier Latorre, at the Escuela Internacional de Flamenco Manolete.

At flamenco festivals, Antonio has shared the stage with artists such as Remedios Amaya, Juanito Valderrama, Capullo de Jerez, Chocolate, Macanita, el Lebrijano, Ketama and el Pele, among others. In 2009, he participated in the Atlantic Andalusian Festival, Essaouira/Marokko, in 2008, in 2010, in the Vienna/Austria Flamenco Festival and, in Granada, in the Festival of Music and Dance (part of the FEST) and in the Ojijares Festival.

His guitar playing is played on the CDs "Graná baila por tangos", "Villancicos del Sacromonte", "Aire de Graná", "Cantes Afuera" and "Entre del Ciprés y el Jazmín".

In recent years, Antonio's musical activities have expanded with the range of teaching singing and guitar playing. In which, he applies in a personal way the understanding of Flamenco Art.

He is currently a teacher at the Escuela Internacional de Flamenco de Manolete in Granada and is part of the Cueva María la Canastera painting.

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