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Name: David Peña Dorantes

Type: Piano

Place of birth: Sevilla

DAVID PEÑA DORANTES, pianist, composer and guitarist.

It is difficult to label Dorantes musically. Belongs to the Flemish world for cradle and experiences, but his creations are absolutely personal. It has nothing to do with the most common fusion experiments. He has gifted the piano with an enriching dimension, is a virtuoso instrumentalist that denotes his passage through the conservatory and, in addition, sounds really jondo. Dorantes's contact with the keyboards was a coincidence: at his paternal grandmother's house, La Perrata, there was a piano, and he began to play it as a child. His first record, Orobroy (1998), was a refreshing surprise, and since then he has shown his talent and versatility alongside many of the leading figures of jondo art, such as his own uncle El Lebrijano. This pianist has managed to enthuse everyone on their own merits.
Scrupulous in technique, innovative in composition and perfect in performance, Dorantes is already a name with capital letters in the world of flamenco piano. At present, David Peña Dorantes is one of the best ambassadors of Andalusian music. Press Community of Madrid.

Dorantes, a pure soul making music. Dorantes has the delicacy, candor and imagination of a child and, at the same time, the maturity necessary to give form and structural coherence to his ideas. Manuel Moraga.

His youth and artistic strength make him one of the most internationally renowned Spanish musicians. Foundation publishes institute of Gypsy culture.

Dorantes is a musician of what they call "de raza". Listen and let your mind and heart, with the music of Dorantes, lead you to unexplored and unrepeatable worlds of our existence. Wyne.

Apotheosis, last night was apotheosis. Dorantes broke molds. I take the stool, look at the audience and without a word, ate the piano. Flee from the melody, deny the tatareable, phrase in another universe. The world.
Dorantes is an extraordinary pianist, powerful in pulsation and connoisseur of the jazz technique, a virtuoso pianist able to travel by trails of the Latin jazz, to mark bulerías of rhythms devilish and overwhelming greatiosities. The vanguard.

Dorantes once again revealed his virtuosity and composer's ability, starting with the roots of the styles, infusing him with a liberating treatment, without ever losing sight of, let us say, the original sounds. National ABC.

Although his flirtation with music began with a guitar (with which he even managed to win several contests as a child), at ten years Dorantes was fascinated with the possibilities of the piano and began self-taught to elaborate structures on Which today is based the current development of flamenco piano. Even a young person enters the Conservatory of Music of Seville, being the first Gypsies to carry out academic training and with them multiplies by ten their creative capacity, realizing an authentic revolution opening new roads in flamenco, introducing the piano, an instrument until then Away from the traditional rhythms of Andalusia. Dorantes discovers new harmonies, rhythms and concepts, which were described as futurists and which today are still imitated by many pianists. He was the first to completely remove the guitar for the flamenco composition on the piano and not to use the established harmonies of this, difficult road because there are no predecessors and because there are no established techniques to create flamenco sound. Dorantes has set a trend. Dorantes is temperament and humility, genius and simplicity, elegance, valence, talent and a desire for constant improvement.

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