Cuevas Los Tarantos, Tablao Granada

Tablao Cuevas Los Tarantos

About Cuevas Los Tarantos

Cuevas Los Tarantos

Type: Tablao

Capacity: people

Address:Cno. Sacromonte, 9 , 18010 , GRANADA

Postal code: 18010


Phone: +34 958 22 45 25

Mobile Phone:654 258 852

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Cuevas los Tarantos were founded in 1972 by D. José Martín Quesada y Dña. Concepción Maya-Maya in the center of the Sacromonte district where you can find the Albaicin and the most charismatic and unique “tablaos” of Granada. This is the place, next to the Darro River and opposite the Alhambra, where different cultures existed side by side after their expulsion due to the conquest of the “Garnatta” kingdom by the Catholic Kings. No en vano el nombre deriva de las palabras árabes zamra (flauta) o zamara (músicos). There is where the “Zambra“was born; a celebratory musical genre that symbolizes the different moments of a gypsy wedding and which holds a profound Arab influence. Not in vain the name derives from the Arab words “Zamra” (flute) or “Zamara” (musician). Although the founders of these Caves inspired themselves on the flamenco “palo” (style) “Taranto” for its name, this place is without a doubt one of the most prestigious in the world of “Zambra” representations; a style so characteristic of this ancient city of Granada.

Thanks to the artists and to our father and founder of these Caves Don José Martí­n we, Concepción Maya and my children, have the honor of directing the flamenco performance that has the most tradition of Granada. This is how they present themselves in Tarantos and it is with this warmth and tradition that they treat their guests.

Great figures of flamenco have performed on these stages such as Luis Heredia "El Polaco", Morenito de Íllora or the singer Chonchi Heredia. These artists, through their dance and song, inspired artists such as Manolillo Liñán or Luis de Luis. Other famous artists from the world of flamenco have performed here as well, such as: Vitorino de Pinos, Guzmán Albea, Julio Terremoto (singers), La Porrona, La Coneja, Bienvenido Maya, El Gabriel (dancers) and Antonio El Chispita, Pepe, and Paquito Amaya (guitar players).



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