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Cristóbal García


Name: Cristóbal García Fernández

Type: Dancer

Place of birth: Málaga


CRISTÓBAL GARCÍA FERNÁNDEZ, flamenco dancer. He is born in 1983, in Malaga. He begins his professional career as Soloist in different tablaos of the Spanish territory: Malaga, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Almeria ("Casa Patas", " El Cordobés ", "Los Tarantos ", "El Arenal ", " Carmen " between others.)

In 2004 - 2005, he plays the personage of Jeremías, in the Primer Musical de Flamenco “LOS TARANTOS” directed by Emilio Hernández, choreography Javier Latorre, music of "Chicuelo" and collaboration Tomatito: Teatre of the musical Barcelona 2004, ATHENS FESTIVAL, Athens 2005 and Theatre "Albéniz" of Madrid 2005.

In 2005, he obtains the first prize of dance, in the National Contest XVII of Sing and Flamenco dancing Estepona Cantaora, Estepona (Malaga).

He took part in the II Bienal de Málaga en Flamenco 2007, Teatro Alhambra de Granada 2008 y Teatro Lope de Vega de Sevilla 2009 and Theatre Lope de Vega of Seville 2009, with the spectacle “Yo no sé la edad que tengo” , directed by Pepa Gamboa and Jose Luis Ortiz Nuevo.

In 2010 he did a tour of fairs of tourism with " Andalusian Tourism " for the following cities: Berlin, Bilbao and Portugal and in the posterior years Alpaca was in the Company Rock in the Spectacle "Chimeras" 2012-2013-2014 (England, Ireland, Amsterdam, Estambul, The Lebanon, Cordova Festival of the Guitar …).

In 2013 he takes part in the III Bienal de Arte Flamenco de Málaga 2013 with the spectacles " In Family " of Trinidad Santiago " La Trini ", the spectacle "Luisa Chicano" and "Tagzona". At present Alma Famenca is employed at the Theatre Restaurant.

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