Centro de Arte Flamenco Kelipé, Tablao Málaga

Tablao Centro de Arte Flamenco Kelipé

About Centro de Arte Flamenco Kelipé

Centro de Arte Flamenco Kelipé

Type: Tablao

Capacity: people

Address:C/ Muro de Puerta Nueva Nº 10

Postal code: 29005 Malaga


Phone: +34 692 82 98 85 / +34 ⁠⁠⁠665 09 73 59


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Centro de Arte Flamenco KELIPÉ is an idea, a way of being, and an entire life of dedication and devotion to flamenco art, directed by a family of artists with an impressive artistic trajectory, a unique history, and exceptional talent on stage that is transmitted from the very first chords.

Shane González “El Indio” is the director of Kelipé, as well as, an extraordinary guitar player, with a very special story. He has native American roots and Spanish gypsy DNA, concretely from Jerez de la Frontera, become him a very unique artist. Before arriving to Spain he travelled throughout the U.S.A. with “Cerro Negro” (a talented and representative of flamenco fusion groups). He is also a music teacher of the University of Fresno, CA.

KELIPÉ provides a performance from Thursdays to Saturdays, in an intimate and familiar ambience that at first sight seems simple but is charged with emotion. The recitals are of 4-artist troupes where the spectator clearly perceives the technique and expressiveness of the artists, their extraordinary experience, and above all their great complicity on stage.

KELIPÉ is a space of dialogue around Flamenco Art. This is perceived in the educational activities, specially geared towards an audience that is gradually becoming more and more receptive and knowing; the audience from foreign lands. An audience which, thanks to centers such as KELIPÉ, is better documented on the history of flamenco and in the purity of this Art.

In this center there are intensive educational activities all week. Headed by qualified professors, the courses given are of beginner and mid level Spanish guitar, rhythm and flamenco dance with clearly defined didactic methods to allow a quick and enjoyable learning process for the students. There are also courses for professional artists, assisting them in a better understanding of what an optimum stage presence means thanks to the experience the KELIPÉ professors have in international tours.

Locale Description

Seating is arranged facing the stage which is slightly elevated. Seats are NOT numbered and

accommodations will be made by order of arrival or reservation (we recommend guests arrive 20 minutes prior to performance)

Visibility is optimum from any seating. The lighting is simple and the stage is void of technological and amplification back up with a simple stage setting



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