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Camarón de Pitita


Name: Andrés Carmona Silva

Type: Guitar player

Place of birth: Cádiz

ANDRÉS CARMONA SILVA, guitarist. To the 9 years it touched in the Festival of the Line of the Conception, with the collaboration of Fosforito and Camarón de la Isla.

He worked in two of the most prestigious tablaos of the 70's such as Café Chinitas and Los Canasteros, gaining popularity among the most outstanding artists.

During his professional career he has accompanied Fosforito and also worked with José Mercé, La Susi, Manzanita, José de la Tomasa, El Cigala, Guadiana, La Macanita, Pan Sequito, Juan Valderrama and Miguel Poveda, among others. In addition to accompanying dancers such as Manolete, Juan Andrés Maya, Manuela Carrasco, Canales, La Tati, Juan Ramírez, José Maya ...

To the 20 years it collaborates in its first musical work, Andalusia, with Cristina Heeren and Juan Andrés Maya, flamenco dancer with whom it has collaborated in the musical direction of several of its works. Besides acting as the first figure in posters with Fosforito and La Susi.

He was the creator of the music of the choreography with which Rocío Molina obtained the first prize in the Albéniz Theater, with whom he has collaborated in other occasions carrying the musical direction of the works of the bailaora.

For five years he worked with Rafael Amargo and collaborated in the Teatro de Mérida with Ángela Molina.

He has collaborated with Salomé Pavón (granddaughter of Manolo Caracol and the saga of the Pavones).
It was the first guitar in the play Troya in which Rafael Amargo participated and Ángela Molina collaborated. He has also collaborated with: Guadiana, José Antonio Ramos, Miguel Poveda, Marina Heredia, La Macanita.

He currently works in the company of Antonio Gades and prepares his first solo album. In addition to working in important national tablaos, among which stand the House Patas of Madrid or the Tablao Cordobes of Barcelona.

FESTIVALS: Festival of the Line of the Conception.

AWARDS: He was the creator of the choreography music with which Rocío Molina won the first prize at the Teatro Albéniz.

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