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Antonio Vallejo


Name: Antonio Vallejo

Type: Dancer

Place of birth: Granada

ANTONIO VALLEJO, artistic director and flamenco dancer. He was born in Granada in 1971. He is the "Patriarch" of the artist saga "Los Vallejos".

He began his flamenco training with Mariquilla, and he learned about "Clásico Español" with Maite Galán. As an artist, he has worked with the best artists: Enrique Morente, Remedio Amaya, Niña Pastori, Estrella MorenteMarina Heredia, Turroneo, Parrita, Duquende, Joaquín Grilo....

Nowadays, he is considered a Flamenco Master. He began his education at the age of 14 and he was the teacher of his neighborhood. At the age of 18, he founded the "Escuela Municipal de Flamenco de Granada".

Nowadays, he continues as a director and he has more than 200 students, the "Escuela Municipal de Flamenco" de Granada is one of the best Flamenco schools in Spain.

He has taught flamenco dance at the Sidi Bou Said Higher Conservatory of Music and Dance (Tunisia) and at the Tel Avib Dance Conservatory (Israel). In addition, he has taught at international schools in Moscow, New York, Los Angeles, Texas and Jerusalem and he has contributed his knowledge and art to individuals and entities around the world, traveling to more than 40 countries (USA, Russia, Palestine, Mexico, Finland, China, etc.).

He also has a long career as a flamenco producer. He has been Flamenco programmer in the theatre "Enrique Morente" 2002-2015 and he has organized the Flamenco Festival Zona Norte since 1990 to 2008 and "Autumn Flamenco Festival Granada" since 2006 to 2007. He was Director and choreographer of the Company. Alhucema 1998-2010, with which he has carried out some twenty assemblies and toured more than forty countries around the world: United States, Mexico, Mauritius Islands, China, Israel, Russia, Morocco, etc.....

Vallejo is teacher of teachers such as:  Fuensanta La Moneta, David Carmona, José Cortés El Indio or the whole saga of Los Vallejos among others. 

His experience as a flamenco dancer in different "tablaos" from Granada (La Reina Mora, Cueva del Rocío, and  Los Tarantos). Vallejo has been choreographer and director in a large number of shows too (Young Flamenco del Sacramonte, el niño de la Bola, Sueños de la Alhambra, Suspiros del Albaicín and Sonias, Flamenco Festival of the Northern District of Granada and the Municipal Flamenco School).

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