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Alejandro Estrada - Flamenco singing / "Cante"

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Alejandro Estrada


Name: Alejandro Estrada

Type: Flamenco singing / "Cante"

Place of birth: Málaga

ALEJANDRO ESTRADA, flamenco singer. He was born in Malaga on October 03, 1984.

Related to the world of the Flamenco from the cradle, since his father is a great fan with artists' descent. With only 4 years already he sang first songs and with 6 he started extracting notes to the guitar.

With 16 years he founded a group of Flamenco " El Pasaje " where beside being the voice, he was a guitarist and composer. At the age of 18 he begins to sing for the dance and reconciles his performances with the group Flamenco, with those of flamenco singer soloist, guitarist and percusionista.

He has acted in an endless number Peñas Flamencas, festivals, theatres, fairs, as well as in parties deprived in the provinces of Cadiz, Malaga, Seville, Jaen… He has gone his sing purer for the coast of Morocco and for Norway.

He has shared scene with artists of renown as Capullo de Jerez, Jesus Mendez, The Torta, Tomás de Perrate, … and artists of different styles.

Nowadays, he sings as soloist and in addition in the group "Buleriólogo", and singing for the dance in Victoria Artillo's Cía. He has worked also of guitarist accompanying artists as Juan Granados of Jerez, Juan Heredia and even giving courses(years) with artists as Victoria Artillo, Jose Galván , the Bo de Jerez … Along Alejandro Estrada's digest we find from sing purer and traditional, and more festero, being admitted as a very studious flamenco singer of them sing of Jerez.

In addition, he has been the first of Malaga artist who has realized in Malaga a Zambomba jerezana, with that he has obtained a great success.

Today we can see him give classes of flamenco sing in a school of music of Malaga and also he gives lessons of sing for the dance and as soloist.

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