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Agustín Barajas


Name: Agustín Barajas

Type: Dancer

Place of birth: Granada



AGUSTÍN BARAJAS, was born in Granada and is part of the cast of Zoraya Gardens

He began to dance at age 9 when he entered as a student of dance in the chair of Flamencología de Mariquilla who shortly after starting invites him to dance in the well-known Granada show "Jardines de Neptuno" and then in the "Sala Alhambra".

It is remarkable the performance that at 11 years performs as representative of Spain in the International Competition "Bravo Bravissimo". He is the winner of the International Dance Contest of Almería and as winner of the first prize of the Provincial Contest of the Junta de Andalucía of "Desencaja" tours Andalusia as representative of Granada.

At the age of 14, Agustín Barajas joins as the first dancer in the Tatiana Garrido Company and with her he toured with the shows "De tal palo ...", "Sueños del Flamenco" and "Fuego y arena" by South America, Middle East and Morocco.

Among his performances are also the Andalusian Patronage tour, the Eraklio Dance Festival, the Mar de Cantes Flamenco Festival and recently the Spanish Pavilion of the Shanghai Universal Exhibition where he presented fragments of his first show with more than 50 performances Along with guitarist Rubén de Rosario. The show "Al son sera" by Oscar Quero, "The birth" of Juan Andrés Maya or "Paréntesis" directed by Encarna Vargas.

Among his professors are Tatiana Garrido, Juan Andrés Maya, Javier Barón, Rafael de Carmen, Juana Maya, Antonio "El Pipa", Eva "la yerbabuena" or Javier Latorre among others, and begins in classical and contemporary dance in hands The first ballet dancer of Alicia Alonso, Andrés Williams, and Marisa Mondo.

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